South Bay Chapter

Corporate Beach Cleanups

Help us Protect Your Favorite Beach!

Over the years, the Surfrider Foundation South Bay Chapter has hosted hundreds of successful cleanups that help keep our beaches clean and enjoyable. You and your company can do your part by signing up for a corporate sponsored cleanup. Sponsoring a cleanup helps establish your company as a good corporate citizen, encourages brand loyalty, and inspires community engagement while strengthening employee morale.

Corporate Cleanup Sponsor Packages begin at $2000.00 for up to 150 participants. This tax-deductible donation to Surfrider South Bay goes directly into our local ongoing programs and campaigns that work to protect clean water and healthy beaches for future generations.

Corporate sponsored Surfrider South Bay cleanups can take place on any beach between Marina del Rey and San Pedro. On the day of your event, a welcome briefing includes cleanup instructions, safety orientation and a discussion of local environmental issues that Surfrider is currently focused on.

All beach cleanup supplies are provided including permits, insurance, gloves, bags, trash pickers, alkaline water, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.


Can we select the date and time of our cleanup? Yes! 
Can we bring our company tent or banner? Yes!
Can we wear corporate apparel? Yes!
Can we promote our event? Yes!
Are company cleanups open to employee family members? Yes!

For more info please contact our Beach Cleanups Coordinator.