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Beach Cleanups

Through our beach cleanup program, we help tackle the ocean litter issue – primarily caused by plastic pollution – through education for action, community science, and campaigns. 



Clean Up The Beach

Surfrider Foundation South Bay hosts public beach cleanups each month at various locations at rotating locations across the South Bay to reduce litter, protect our ocean and raise awareness about pollution.

Why Are Beach Cleanups Important?


The South Bay Surfrider Foundation supports volunteers to organize beach cleanups completely with a range of tools and an educational approach.


Joining one of the South Bay Surfrider beach cleanups, participants become aware of the impact of waste-related pollution, while actively reducing marine litter.


When volunteers inform Surfrider about the waste picked up during their cleanup, they are contributing to pollution research and helping to influence legislation.

There are many ways to clean up our local beaches.

Come to one of our community cleanups, book a corporate cleanup, sponsor a cleanup, or clean up on your own.

Our local beaches are protected by volunteers, just like you!

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Community Beach Cleanups

Beach cleanups are a fun way to engage with your community and leave the coast better than you found it.

We welcome you to a fun day in the sand with family, friends, and new acquaintances while removing trash and raising awareness about plastic pollution.

Our public beach cleanups happen once a month at rotating beaches in the South Bay. Please check out our calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Clean-up supplies, including gloves and trash bags made from up-cycled birdseed bags, are provided by our chapter. Participants are instructed to leave natural things like seaweed and feathers on the beach, and to be careful when picking up potentially dangerous items like glass and syringes (notify a Surfrider volunteer).

There is no minimum time limit on how long you participate, so feel free to drop by for 30 minutes or stay the whole time. We look forward to seeing you at one of our beach cleanups soon! 

Registration is required for each individual attending a beach cleanup.


Private Beach Cleanups

Are you a community group that wants to engage your community in a new and fun way, a business looking for a team-building opportunity, or a cooperate entity in need of giving back? Our private beach cleanup program could be exactly what you're looking for.

Data Collection

For years, Surfrider chapters have collected and analyzed data from thousands of cleanups across the country.

At the end of the event, South Bay Surfriders coordinate to effectively remove the collected debris. We gather detailed data on the weight, types, and amount of trash collected by volunteers.

This enables the Surfrider Foundation to engage and educate the community, enact campaigns to propose and promote legislation that helps prevent trash from reaching your beach in the first place.

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Your Participation Helps Us:

  • Protect and beautify our coastlines, waves, and beaches
  • Implement policy changes that lead to coastal victories and lasting change
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and environmentally friendly consumer choices
  • Raise awareness about the pollution impacting our beaches
  • Enjoy our oceans, waves and beaches!

Solo Cleanups

Is the beach not easily accessible for you? Or you can't make it to one of our community cleanups? Not a problem.

Cleanup where you are!

Trash pollution from all parts of the county gets to the ocean through our naturally occurring waterways and constructed storm drains. 

Cleanup anywhere in your neighborhood, at your local park, or anywhere else, and contribute to a healthier ocean.