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Redondo Beach Plastics Reduction Ordinance

01 • 14 • 2020

Redondo Beach Plastics Reduction Ordinance

The Redondo Beach City Council passed a plastic reduction ordinance in January 2020 that tackles some of the top sources of plastic pollution.

The Surfrider Foundation South Bay Chapter has been advocating for plastic reduction measures in the South Bay LA Beach Cities and Redondo Beach is the latest to take action by tackling plastic pollution with strong local legislation. Surfrider South Bay volunteers met with councilmembers and spoke in support of the ordinance at city council meetings. Here's a full overview of the ordinace:

No person, food provider, or beverage provider shall distribute or sell any polystyrene food service ware (both expanded polystyrene and rigid polystyrene) or expanded polystyrene cooler within the City (bans retail sales plus food service use and sales, including at City facilities and City-sponsored events, as well as the Redondo Beach School District). Food providers and beverage providers shall not use or distribute plastic beverage straws, plastic stirrers, or plastic utensils, whether to use on-site, to-go, or delivery (all types of plastics, including petroleum or biologically-based polymers). Non-plastic only single-use straws, stirrers, or utensils, shall be made available only upon request of the customer. At the ordinances also bans the release of helium-filled balloons anywhere in the City of Redondo Beach.